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EnCase eDiscovery

Defensibly collect data while reducing review costs and risk

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OpenText EnCase eDiscovery overview

eDiscovery collection tools address the rise in dispersed and remote workforces, the proliferation of mobile devices and new sources of data. Comprehensively collecting data across all data sources, including endpoints, such as desktops and laptops, is critical to defensibility. Collection analytics and culling is key to efficient digital investigations, narrowing the document collection to drive down the cost of legal review.

With OpenText™ EnCase™ eDiscovery, organizations can streamline the collection, culling and preservation of data across diverse sources in a single efficient process.

What is eDiscovery data collection?

eDiscovery data collection tools collect data across the plethora of content sources, including desktops and laptops. In addition to targeting endpoint data as a critical component of comprehensive collections, eDiscovery data collection ensures the integrity of data by avoiding any alteration to metadata and applying preservation policies. Litigation support software should also support legally sanctioned export formats for downstream review.

OpenText EnCase eDiscovery features

  • Create cases quickly and manage them easily

    Enables easy case creation and assigns access permissions to view case information, such as the volume of data collected and the custodians involved.

  • Create, execute and monitor jobs efficiently

    Streamlines job creation and provides insight into job types, data targets, delivery job status and completion status.

  • Track how collections are executed

    Monitors the processing, indexing and delivery of collected data and shows what has been collected from each custodian by file type and size, etc.

  • Tag data to help cull collections

    Assists with digital investigations by filtering out privileged or non-relevant data before passing the document collection to eDiscovery platforms for analysis and review.

  • Monitor and manage everything

    Makes it easy to start, pause and stop forensic data collection, view tasks, collections and processing jobs, and configure examiner zones and other functions.

  • Create reusable templates

    Save activities, such as case creation and collection job criteria, to speed up and promote consistency across repeated processes.

OpenText EnCase eDiscovery benefits

  • Collect comprehensively

    Collect across data sources including desktops, laptops, email systems, messaging platforms and on-premises and cloud-based sources in one efficient process.

  • Collect inclusively

    Collect all types of records, broadly from within data sources, and extract embedded files. Decrypt files including email encrypted with S/MIME.

  • Cull at the point of collection

    Collect data sets with high proportions of relevant content with robust digital forensic software search filters.

  • Assess data before and after collection

    Display the details of the data pre- and post-collection to optimize collections. Target by folder to avoid over-collection.

  • Easily explore results

    Use the built-in case and custodian dashboards and jobs report or third-party BI and reporting tools for rich insights into data collections.

  • Produce data in legally sanctioned formats

    Use legally sanctioned formats, such as LEF, E01 and Concordance, whether submitting directly to courts or passing data to review platforms.

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