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Actiance Vantage

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Capture, manage the lifecycle and streamline discovery processes for instant messaging communications within your organization

Instant messaging has become a formal mode of business communication in many companies today. Like email, IM correspondences often describe corporate plans, intentions, and knowledge, and accordingly, can constitute business records. As such, instant messages can be subject to regulatory audit or legal discovery, and if mismanaged, can put organizations are considerable business risk.

Organizations need a secure means of capturing, monitoring, retaining, and destroying the IM communications within the enterprise. They also need a means of centrally controlling network applications like IM, to ensure that usage remains in accordance with corporate policy.

Together, OpenText and Actiance extend the industry standard in IM security, management, and compliance into the ECM environment. By combining the strengths of OpenText and Actiance, organizations can bring to instant messaging the same compliance and legal driven controls that companies apply to other corporate records—meaning that IM communications are now securely and consistently captured into the corporate compliance program and managed according to centralized policies.


  • Make compliance a transparent part of communications
  • Help ensure the security of confidential information and intellectual property
  • Support legal and litigation processes
  • Address compliance requirements worldwide, including SEC 17a-4 and NASD 400
  • Ensure use of instant messaging is in accordance with corporate policy
  • Capture instant messages into a centralized repository: Tamper-proof archiving enables companies to capture instant messages into a centralized, long-term compliance repository along with emails, documents, and other enterprise information.
  • Manage instant message retention and disposition with classifications: By integrating OpenText products (OpenText Records Management) and Actiance Vantage, organizations can conduct structured retention and disposition management of all instant messaging communications, making it possible to decide how long messages are kept and when they are automatically destroyed.
  • Control how information is retained: Regulations often govern not just how long information is kept, but also how it is kept. For example, SEC 17a-4 requires organizations to retain appropriate dealer-broker correspondences for a period of three years, on a non-rewritable storage media. With OpenText products and Actiance Vantage, you can automate the process of ensuring that instant messages are stored on the appropriate storage media, in compliance with regulations.
  • Address internal compliance requirements: Actiance's TrueCompliance™ blocks attempts to circumvent established compliance workflow. Automatic display of customizable legal disclaimers ensure users are made aware of appropriate IM usage, and messages can be blocked completely depending on the severity of breach, with real-time alerts.
  • Enable, secure and manage the use of public and enterprise IM applications: Actiance Vantage is the leading solution used by the world's largest firms to secure and manage real-time communications and ensure that the use of instant messaging complies with corporate policy and government regulations.
  • Protect the organization against spyware and other malicious software: Actiance Vantage provides automatic protection against threats identified by the Actiance Security Labs, including zero-day blocking of IM-based worm and virus attacks.

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