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OpenText Email Archiving for Lotus Notes

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Manage email archiving to minimize cost of operations and optimize system performance

OpenText™ Email Archiving for Lotus Notes (formerly Livelink ECM - Email Archiving for Lotus Notes) enables organizations to manage the exponential growth of corporate email, reduce storage costs, and improve server performance.

Through interactive or rule-based archiving, organizations can offload email content and attachments from Lotus Domino email servers to more cost-effective storage media, while retaining a high level of accessibility.


  • Optimize email server performance
  • Archive email automatically and interactively
  • Reduce support overhead
  • Scale with the growing enterprise
  • Enable regulatory compliance
  • Integrate with existing mail client interfaces: Email Archiving for Lotus Notes fully integrates with existing user mail client interfaces, making adoption quick and seamless. Users can selectively archive single emails or entire email folders.
  • Provide immediate access to archived email: Archived emails are accessible with a single click, and the message is displayed. Retrieval from the archive is completely transparent to users. Users can then edit, forward, move to other folders, or re-load the email onto the mail server.
  • Extend the solution with optional search capabilities: Optional full-text search capabilities let you find and retrieve email content quickly and reliably. Discovery time and costs are significantly reduced, since access to all email and attachments is unified, regardless of format, location, language or media type.
  • Enable remote access to archived email: Users need access to the right information at all times, whether working from the office or remotely. Likewise, customer interactions must be based on the most recent data to maximize sales opportunities, ensure outstanding customer service and increase revenues. Email Archiving for Lotus Notes ensures that users have continued access to archived email, even when they are away from the office.

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Download more information to learn about how you can reduce the cost of your email system and develop a foundation for email-related compliance intiatives and legal discovery processes.