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OpenText Suite for Oracle®

Increase employee productivity by up to 40% by integrating data and content in context

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite provides “in-EBS” enterprise content management, archiving and full-featured document search for all your Oracle® EBS applications—streamlining processes, fostering collaboration, and extending familiar OpenText™ ECM functionality to E-Business and non-EBS users alike, reducing storage and transaction costs and establishing a single source of truth for all your unstructured content.

Many business processes in both commercial and government organizations span the worlds of transactional data and business content. OpenText™ ECM Suite for Oracle featuring Extended ECM for Oracle E-Business is built upon a rich, expanding “xECM” Platform including all of OpenText Content Suite and integrating with Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, SAP ERP and Success Factors applications, in addition to EBS. Extended ECM for Oracle EBS brings ECM to transaction-oriented processes such as procurement, financial management and contracts management, enabling knowledge workers to find, access and manage all types of enterprise content—in the context of their EBS transactions.

The integration of data and content in business processes reduces manual data entry, expedites transaction processing, reduces document filing, storage, and retrieval costs, and increases the productivity of your employees as much as 40%. By allowing you to access and control content across your EBS and non-EBS applications like no other product in today’s market, OpenText™ ECM Suite for Oracle increases the value of your investment in Oracle E-Business Suite.

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