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Digital Forensics Analysis and Expert Witness Services

Identify the evidence needed in litigation, investigations and compliance with expert analysis

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OpenText Digital Forensics overview

OpenText Digital Forensics Analysis and Expert Witness Services help find and explain the evidence, from informal findings to expert reports and court testimony. OpenText accredited experts dig into the binary information behind the data to identify evidence not available to the normal user. The team is then able to help establish the authenticity of suspicious documents or emails, identify potential intellectual property theft evidence or recover deleted material previously considered unrecoverable.

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OpenText Digital Forensics benefits

  • Trusted and certified experts

    Rely on investigators with industry certifications and memberships, including EnCase, Computer Examiner, Fraud Examiner certifications as well as Fellows of the British Computer Society.

  • Expert witnesses when needed

    Get reporting at the required level, from informal discussions or a summary of findings to a full expert report compliant with rules, such as Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 in the UK.

  • Deep expertise

    Leverage experience and expertise in digital forensics to investigate matters, including intellectual property theft and document falsification, conduct open source investigations and tackle digital forensic work, such as deleted material recovery.

  • Opposing report and statement analysis

    Analyze reports and statements from opposing experts to identify inconsistencies, omissions and incorrect statements, offering alternative explanations and insight.

OpenText Digital Forensics featured components

Digital Forensics Analysis and Expert Witness Services from OpenText is based on select components of OpenText™ EnCase™, the gold standard in forensics technology, OpenText™ Axcelerate™, a flexible investigations and eDiscovery platform, and OpenText™ Professional Services.

  • OpenText Axcelerate

    Quickly find the documents that make or break a case with an end-to-end eDiscovery and investigations solution offering proprietary advanced analytics and technology-assisted review.

  • OpenText EnCase

    Get deep-level digital forensic investigation, powerful processing and integrated investigation workflows with a court-proven solution.

  • OpenText Professional Services

    Enable customer success through technology and process expertise.


Modern ESI Collections:
New Imperative and Best Practices

Learn how new data types, mobile devices, a remote workforce and data privacy mandates inform data collection strategies to support litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance.

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