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OpenText ESI Collection Services

Collect evidence defensibly worldwide

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OpenText ESI Collection Services overview

In any legal matter, the first—and often the most crucial—step is to identify and collect the data that will later be used to tell the story. But key electronically stored information (ESI) is spread over a variety of sources, from workstations to email servers, content management platforms and cloud repositories—often taxing internal resources, exceeding budgets and leading to risk of overcollection (leading to more downstream review costs) or undercollection (risk of missing critical potential evidence).

The OpenText electronically stored data collection services team, experienced and certified in industry-leading collection technologies and processes, balances risk and cost with defensible data collection.

ESI Collections Services benefits

  • End-to-end collection services

    From scoping and physically connecting devices through processing for review and analysis, OpenText will handle the project under your guidance.

  • Defensible processes

    Full audit trails and comprehensive chain-of-custody for every project provide complete accountability to defensibly track, store and archive electronically stored evidence.

  • Rapid global deployment

    Fast turnaround and highly scalable services, whether remote or on-site—and with no interruption to employees—means earlier insight into data for the competitive advantage.

  • Managed by experts

    Expert EnCE-certified collection specialists with industry gold standard technology to collect evidence defensibly.

Featured components

The data collections service combines OpenText™ EnCase, leading collection software, with the expertise of OpenText™ Professional Services.

Optimize modern ESI investigations

Get strategies for optimizing ESI investigations to find the facts swiftly across dispersed and remote employees and devices.

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