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Legacy Data Management

Understand, remediate and control archived data to reduce legal risk and costs.

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Legacy Data Management overview

Enterprises often stockpile legacy hard drives and bury them under a mountain—just in case. But, as organizations generate more data, storing and tracking archived custodian hard drives becomes more expensive. OpenText™ Legacy Data Management powered by EnCase™ reduces storage costs, expedites time to retrieval and controls archive sprawl. The OpenText Professional Services team analyzes stored hard drives, comparing them to policies and litigation hold requirements, and forensically collects and preserves relevant archives in a modern, low-cost format and enables the defensible disposition of the rest.

Legacy Data Management benefits

  • Accurately identify legacy hard drives

    Leveraging computer forensics applications, OpenText efficiently and accurately identifies hard drive custodians to determine whether to store or discard.

  • Reduce legacy data storage costs

    Reduce the volume of hard drives that must be stored and eventually searched by using proprietary methods and deep forensic expertise—lowering costs.

  • Preserve what matters

    Image and preserve archived data that hits on active legal holds in a forensically sound manner.

  • Confidently dispose of the rest

    Reliably dispose of archived data that has no legal or business value and ensure that it cannot be recovered physically or digitally.

Featured components

OpenText™ Legacy Data Management is based on OpenText™ EnCase, OpenText™ Axcelerate and OpenText™ Professional Services.

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