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OpenText™ Recon

Gain rapid insight into the data and actionable intel to enable swift decision making for legal, compliance and regulatory investigations.

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OpenText Recon Services overview

In an investigation, the story is often buried deep within vast volumes of data. OpenText™ Recon, a seamless end-to-end investigations service led by a team experienced in unstructured data interrogation, helps companies and law firms find evidence for all types of investigations: internal investigations, litigation assessments, compliance and regulatory investigations, c-suite vetting and more. Utilizing specialized tools and workflows, the Recon team rapidly locates evidence and gains insights into patterns, gaps and relationships, while ensuring that evidence is not overlooked. And it's done in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional eDiscovery review.

OpenText Recon Services benefits

  • Find the answers, and even the "unknown unknowns"

    Gain access to the documents that reveal the critical facts and even the "unknown unknowns" to answer questions around case strengths, potential liabilities and areas of risk.

  • Make strategic case decisions early

    Obtain early insight to evaluate and position strategy and make strategic decisions with confidence.

  • Seamlessly manage investigations, end-to-end

    Working at the direction of counsel, the Recon team centrally manages and executes all the pieces for an effective investigation, eliminating inefficiencies and costs of multiple vendors and technology.

  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency

    Reduce the time and associated costs of production reviews by ensuring a thorough yet expedient exploration of the full document collection.

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Optimize modern ESI investigations

Get strategies for optimizing ESI investigations to find the facts swiftly across dispersed and remote employees and devices.

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