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Technology-Assisted Review Consulting

Achieve the most efficient TAR workflow and results

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Technology-Assisted Review Consulting overview

Advanced technology-assisted review (TAR) based on continuous learning can make virtually any review task more efficient and cost-effective than alternative review methods. Yet, many legal teams need machine learning and statistics expertise to optimize a review using advanced TAR. The OpenText TAR consulting service provides support and expertise beginning-to-end, from developing and advising on the most efficient workflow to metrics, evaluation and more. Where required, OpenText consultants are available to explain the technology and processes before judges or adjudicators.

Technology-Assisted Review Consulting benefits

  • Lower the total cost of review

    Set eyes on the most important documents first, while setting aside nonrelevant data, with workflows expertly designed for each particular matter.

  • Identify and protect sensitive and private data

    Leverage comprehensive processes to protect privileged, proprietary, confidential and other sensitive information…to a statistical certainty.

  • Use for ECA, investigations and more

    Get insight into best practices for using OpenText proprietary advanced TAR effectively for inbound review, ECA, investigations, compliance and more.

  • Ensure a defensible, de-risked review

    Benefit from tested and refined TAR methodologies, and use metrics, measurement and evaluation techniques to ensure high accuracy and defensibility.

  • Prove a negative

    In an investigation, defensibly prove a negative—that responsive documents simply do not exist—without breaking the bank.

Featured components

Technology-assisted review services are based on OpenText consulting experts that optimize proprietary advanced analytics platforms, OpenText™ Insight (and Insight Predict) and OpenText™ Axcelerate™.

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