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OpenText Perceptiv

A ‘golden’ source of trade and compliance data for finance

OpenText Perceptiv automates the extraction, processing and organization of key contract terms to enable finance professionals to easily understand and report their positions, risk and collateral.

Automated extraction

Accurately extract and organize millions of data points from complex contracts—including data tables.

Augmented QC

Ensure that humans review and correct any data that is not automatically extracted through a unique managed-services component.

Comprehensive analysis

Built on Recommind’s proven CORE platform to provide a connector-ready unstructured analysis engine.


Focus in on the key agreements

Narrow the scope of review with more than 20 different filter categories each with sub-filters.

Review mode

Identify critical terms within agreement

Jump to the key agreement clauses and terms at will to rapidly understand contract implications.

Native viewer

Switch between a rapid HTML5 viewer and the original

Automatically display contracts via HTML for streamlined review.

Business intelligence

Get the big picture to easily identify trends across all contracts

Aggregate and track extracted terms in a persistent reporting layer to visualize contract terms.

Agreements ready for turnkey processing

Agreement typeAgreement name
ISDA Agreements ISDA MA, ISDA CSA, Variation and Initial Margin CSA including Collateral Schedules
Securities Lending Agreements MSFTA, GMSLA, MSLA, OSLA, HKMSLA
Repurchase Agreements MRA & GMRA
Prime Broker Agreements PBA, PBMSLA, FXPBA, Committed Facility
Trade Agreements Futures & Options, Long Form Confirmations
Foreign Agreements DRV MA, DRV CSA & DRV VMCSA
Clearing Agreements
(under analysis)
ISDA FOA Addendum, ISDA FIA Europe CDEA, LCH Clearing

The most efficient and accurate way to find contract terms

Perceptiv Contract Analysis organizes unstructured content in financial contracts, connecting traders to complete and trusted OTC agreement data to make the right decisions that optimize profit and mitigate risk.